Accuracy Redefined

Medtor has created a technology set to transform medicine and everyday life.


A Revolution in Heart Rate
and Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Medtor technology transforms accuracy in vital-sign monitoring and wearable devices with the only patented spectral white light sensor.


Vast Potential for Product Development

Designed for clinical grade mobile, our vital sign monitoring clears the way for broader applications in product development and marketing. Our hardware/software solution is already being applied to smartwatches and an expanding array of medical and consumer applications.



Our technology can be adapted to a variety of products. From battery powered wearable devices, such as those used in remote patient monitoring, to smart phones and clinical monitors, our technology can be integrated to suit any platform.


Consumer applications

Consumers demand more accurate tracking of vital signs such as heart rate and other parameters. Our next generation optical technology allows you to get stable and accurate heart rate and oxygen saturation no matter the activity. 



Medically accurate heart rate and blood oxygen data is only a beginning. New technology offers vast potential for developers and marketers.




Medtor LLC is a development-stage privately funded entity located in Manhattan Beach, CA and focused on leveraging patented optical technology to bring medical grade vital signs monitoring to wearable platforms.

The company has already developed a complete medical OEM solution, including wired sensors and hardware module, which has been validated in several independent clinical studies and is pending FDA clearance.

We are now focused on completing development of our wearable optical sensor algorithm and hardware, implemented in a single-patient-use medical biosensor as well as a wrist-wearable module for use in smartwatches.

Medtor is actively seeking technology partners for developing and marketing our vital sign technologies.


Please reach out to learn more about developing our technology.